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Product code: GE83M

Microwave oven Samsung (23 L)


Microwave oven Samsung (23 L)

Premium stainless design, Ceramic inside. Ceramic inside provides 3 benefits, Easy to clean, scratch resistant and prevents discolouration

Premium stainless design, Ceramic inside

• Real stainless look at 23L
• Ceramic Inside with 3 Benefits
• ECO Mode

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Home delivery
2 - 5 wd 9.90 €
Delivery to Post office
2 - 5 wd 6.50 €
Delivery to SmartPost post terminal
2 - 5 wd 6.50 €
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Microwave with grill Samsung (28 L)

Microwave with grill Samsung (28 L)


199.99 €

Monthly payment16 €

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Innovative distribution
At Samsung, we pride ourselves on improving every product we make with innovative technologies. Our Triple Distribution System ensures that everything from pizza to warm milk comes out perfectly prepared and delicious every time - thanks to three microwave distribution points. With our microwave ovens, you’ll consistently enjoy even and thorough cooking.

Ceramic inside
The Samsung Ceramic Enamel Interior received hygienic approval from Hohenstein Institute in Germany for its durable and sanitary surface. The Ceramic Enamel prevents bacteria from spreading and is 7 times more scratch and rust resistant than other microwave interiors. Enjoy the new interior even after long-term use.

Energy Saving
Eco Mode saves more power in standby - up to 40%. With a push of a button you’ll save money, power, and the environment.