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Product code: 1.198-135.0

Vacuum cleaner Kärcher VC 3 Premium


Vacuum cleaner Kärcher VC 3 Premium

The white VC 3 Premium multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner with transparent waste container cleans without filter bags, saves you money and offers a range of family-friendly features.

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Vacuum cleaner Kärcher VC 5 Premium

Vacuum cleaner Kärcher VC 5 Premium


160.30 €

Monthly payment16 €

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Vacuuming without loss of suction power, without filter bag replacement and without effort? No problem with the VC 3 Premium multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the transparent waste container, the VC 3 Premium not only saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on replacement filter bags, it also allows you to see the powerful cleaning effect. The highly efficient VC 3 Premium cleans floors and carpets, as well as gaps, corners, edges and other hard-to-reach places thoroughly and reliably. With an elegant white design and handy size, the vacuum cleaner fits perfectly into the modern Asian family home. The family-friendly device also features a HEPA 13 filter for clean air, and offers ease of use and low noise generation.