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Product code: FCCW69209

Ceramic cooker Hansa / 60 cm


Ceramic cooker Hansa / 60 cm

Ceramic cooker Hansa (60cm) / FCCW69209

• 10 functions
• Easy-cleaning door system
• Rapid preheating

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Ceramic cooker, Hansa / 60 cm

Ceramic cooker, Hansa / 60 cm



318.90 €

Monthly payment23 €

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You can use this function to achieve the desired temperature in the shortest time possible. The oven heats up to a temperature of 150°C in 4 minutes; 20% faster than the standard heating time. Now you can save time on waiting for the oven to reach the right temperature, making cooking quicker.

With this new design, glass panels are easily removed from the door without the need to take the entire door off. The use of two clips at the top of the door means that there is no need for any tools and can do it yourself. This enables you to easily maintain the cleanliness of your oven glass.

The recipes on the inside of the oven door are a practical guide that has been positioned at your fingertips – they contain information on the type of dish, temperature, shelf level and baking time.