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Loyalty program

Collect bonuses with your purchases and receive other privileges!

  • As a loyal customer you earn 1% bonus of the checkout sum with every purchase.
  • Bonuses are collected on the customer’s account and can be used for making future purchases in store.
  • You can use bonuses to pay up to 50% of the checkout sum.
  • Bonuses cannot be used to pay for the order delivery. For instance: the purchased product costs 750€, therefore the customer receives 7,5€ (1%) bonus to his or her account.


Preliminary info about upcoming campaigns and new products

  • You will receive info about starting campaigns and new products in form of a newsletter sent to you in the beginning of each month.
  • Ordering the newsletter is optional.
  • Useful information about discounts and products can also be found from our Facebook page.


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  • Registering as a Loyal customer is easy and completely free of charge!
  • After filling the registration form you can immediately take advantage of loyal customer privileges.
  • You can also log into the online store.
  • Use your e-mail address as a user name when logging in.