Product repair and maintenance

Our client support center will help you in all questions concerning product repair and maintenance. All the products are seviced by the qualified specialists certified by the producer.

Should your product need to be repaired or serviced, please let us know by phone or via e-mail and we will guide you through the next steps and explain the cervice / repair conditions.

If the product is going to be sent back to us, we will send you the return form, which we ask you to fill and attach to the returning product. If the product is sent to the sevice center for repair, please attach the invoice you have received when bought the product.

The products are to be sent in their original packaging. Should the original packaging be lost, the product should be packaged in a way, preventing transportation damage. (We don't repair or exchange products damaged due to improped packaging).

We will order the transportation service, whereafter Itella will arrange the transportation.
We then will check the product state and send it to repair or maintenance.
After that we will deliver the repaired or exchanged product back.

Client support center: Mo-Fri 9AM-5PM

09 3157 7012