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 Installation Services

Installation services are developed to help the customer to install different types of household appliances and consumer electronics. Direct123 online store products’ installations are done by company Posti Oy. Time of installation is coordinated with product delivery. Installation place must be prepared in advance, so that the installer can start installing the product immediately.

Please note that to order installation services it is compulsory for the customer to order also home delivery.  Installation services can be ordered only in case of ordering products from Direct123 online store.

Price of installation services for one product is 39.90 €.

Installation services include installation of dishwashers, fridges, freezers, Side-by-Side fridges, cookers, microwaves, integrated ovens, hobs, washing machines, dryers, dryer cabinets, TVs, home theatres, digital receivers, Blu-Ray- and DVD-devices.

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Before installation be sure to:
• Make sure that the route to the installation spot is made clear (for example it fits through doors, installation spot is vacant, floors are protected etc)
• Make sure that the necessary electrical-, water- and drainage connections are ready (if necessary check for example your land-lord).
• Make sure that water-connections have a working stop-cock (sulkuhana).
• Make sure to protect floors during transportation, so that they are not harmed!

Installation includes:
• Removal of transportation packaging 
• Removal of product packaging
• Installation of necessary connections and fastenings
• Connection to available electrical system, water supply system, drainage system
• Installation of all devices requires manufacturer’s installation guides
• All transportable devices are being installed so that every installable device could be in use by the customer after the installer leave from the installation point
Additional installation services that differ from standard installation are being considered as an ancillary work for which the provider of installation services will make a separate invoice for the customer. These additional services include installation of furniture board fastenings for dishwashers, cooling devices and cookers.

Installation does not include:
• Fixed installations and fastenings, for example, wall fastening for speakers etc.
• Hole drilling in the furniture and in the walls
• Fastening of furniture boards for dishwashers, cooling devices and cookers
• Board demolition / installation
• Installation of gas appliances
• Hiding of cables
• If installation services require to carry out the above-mentioned adjustment work, then installation will not be performed.

During the installation the installer has a certain number of small and additional accessories with him. If during the installation time small necessary accessories will be needed but they do not belong to transportable device (for example, extension wires, clamps, sealants or cables), the recipient will pay for them separately.

 Small accessories used for IT and entertainment electronics installation:
- HDMI cables
- USB cables
- LAN cables
- SCART cables
- ADSL telephone cables
- Antenna cables
- Extension cable

Small accessories used for household appliances:
- Extension hose and drain pipe (extension hose 2, 3, and 4 meters and drain pipe 1,5 m and stretchy 1,5 - 3 m)
- Leakage protection stands (45 and 60 cm)
- Electricity cable (for oven installation)

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