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Use installment payment starting from 9 € / month


Klarna Account is designed for situations where you want to decide how much you pay for each month. But Klarna Account is more than that. Besides that you get the good before you need to pay anything, can you collect all you orders to one account. This is even for situations where you have made orders from different shops using Klarna Account. This means you get only one invoice no matter how many orders you have made.

· You will always first receive to goods before you need to pay
· Pay 9 € / month or 1/24 of total payment
· You do not need to give your card details
· All your orders will be collected to one account and to one invoice
· Buy now – pay at the end of next month
· Account payment 3,95€/month regardless of amount of orders
 · Whenever suitable you can pay the whole remaining sum at once

Order of 1000 € using Klarna Account will be made with initial costs of 0 € by the Klarna Account treaty. Annual interest rate at the moment is 22 %, in which actual annual rate will be 34,64%. Credit price for the example order will be 1171€. There are 12 monthly payments each 98€. Example order requires that account total sum will be paid within 12 months.

Personal details will be handled regarding personal detail law. Klarna uses details for making customer analysis, person identification, and credit rating check and for marketing purposes. Identity number will be used as a customer number due to customer management purposes.

Klarna conditions:


Lease period
Number of
creation fee
issuing fee
Min. sum
3 months  3 0,00% 9,90 3,95 100,00
6  months 6 0,00%   19,00  3,95 100,00
12  months 12 0,00%   29,00 3,95 100,00
24  months 24 9,95%   29,00 3,95 100,00
1/24 payment - 22,00% 0,00  3,95 0,10



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