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Joustoraha is a Finnish service which allows you to make online purchases quickly and safely. Joustoraha service can be used by all private persons over 20 years old with strong payment history. Joustoraha can be used for making purchases in amount of 20-1000 €. You can order an invoice to your e-mail. Any Finnish bank can be used for authorization when making an application. The decision to grant the loan and all further information is given right away. After confirming your purchase you will be returned back to the e-store and your order will be forwarded for processing.

Should you choose to pay with an invoice, you will get an interest-free payment period of 14 days. Invoice sending service fee is 5€. You can also choose to pay in installments and extend your payment period for up to 12 months. In this case the billing fee is 5€ per invoice plus 29% annual interest on the remaining balance.

Joustoraha payment system is especially secure. All the data is transferred via secured protocol. Find more details on Joustoraha website: