Klarna Account is designed for situations where you want to decide how much you pay for each month.


But Klarna Account is more than that. Besides that you get the good before you need to pay anything, can you collect all you orders to one account. This is even for situations where you have made orders from different shops using Klarna Account. This means you get only one invoice no matter how many orders you have made.
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Joustoraha allows you to shop online effortlessly. Pay with an invoice and get 14 day interest-free payment time. Pay in istallments and extend your payment period for up to 12 months.


Joustoraha is a Finnish service which allows you to make online purchases quickly and safely. Joustoraha service can be used by all private persons over 20 years old with strong payment history. Joustoraha can be used for making purchases in amount of 20-1000 €.
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